American LaFrance Announces Product Enhancements To Improve Performance, Customer Satisfaction

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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C...American LaFrance has announced three important product enhancements to their fire apparatus, pumper and aerial product lines.

“These evolutions in our product designs offer significantly improved functionality and performance, which will result in greater customer satisfaction,” said Marc Gustafson, President, American LaFrance.

“The new “L3 Series” fire body design features the unique use of both formed and extruded materials in its construction,” according to Wayne Miller, Director of Engineering, American LaFrance. “The aluminum body features extrusions of 3/8-inch material while the formed sections feature 3/16-inch material. The thicker high strength aluminum is 150 percent stronger and provides 230 percent more resistance to bending when compared to the 1/8-inch aluminum thickness found on competitive bodies. The 12 gauge, 304 L material in the stainless steel body provides maximum resistance to corrosion.”

Another advantage of the L3 body design is its versatility. Multiple design configurations are available to meet a variety of storage and operational needs including both full or recessed depth compartments with high, low or three-quarter height body sides. Various water tank sizes are available to meet customer needs.

The American LaFrance Eagle cab family, widely recognized as “best in class” by customers for its combination of low overall exterior height and interior headroom, has been improved even more with the availability of an 81-inch interior headroom option. The gain in height and interior space will allow more room for crew movement and customer preferences for variations in the command cab.

“The new 81-inch interior height in the Eagle cab will help firefighters maximize their effectiveness while improving their comfort and safety,” says Gustafson. “The much roomier interior allows firefighters to conduct operations from inside the cab improving communications and command coordination during a large operation. From a safety and convenience standpoint, this is very important because we want our products to give our customers every advantage possible.”

American LaFrance also announced that the proven technology found in some of its existing aerial designs has now been incorporated into all aerial designs. This fully integrated chassis-body-aerial design provides increased capacity and functionality. “Increased compartment storage, lower ground ladder access and deeper outrigger penetration combine to provide our customers the ultimate aerial firefighting tool,” states Gustafson.

Additionally, the company announced that its new aerial platform is now available on both its rear- and mid-mount aerial platform products. There is 7.6 cubic feet of more compartment space, ideal for storing air masks, hoses, axes and rescue basket hoisting arms. The 19-square feet of interior space promotes better positioning and movement for four crewmembers and their equipment. The exterior deck features angled corners that allow the platform to be moved in close proximity to the target area. The new design provides 10-square feet of additional workspace for personnel movement.

American LaFrance, a subsidiary of Freightliner LLC, produces and distributes a comprehensive line of fire and emergency apparatus including chassis, aerials, ambulances, pumpers, rescues, tankers, and wildland vehicles. American LaFrance also offers factory-installed fire pumps, emergency medical products, and fire and rescue equipment.

Freightliner LLC, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks in North America and is a DaimlerChrysler company, the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer.

Download images for this press release

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