American LaFrance's MetroStik Delivers Low Height and Maximum Performance

American LaFrance Corporation's MetroStik combined with the American LaFrance Eagle Low Profile chassis delivers an industry low travel height of 10-foot 8-inches while maintaining passenger headroom and easy operation and maintenance. The aerial, showcased at the Fire Department Instructor's Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, Ind., is very capable as a rescue aerial or water tower.

"The unit is ideal for use in metropolitan areas where departments have to balance the need for today's best equipment with legendary fire stations and road systems," said Freightliner President and CEO Jim Hebe. "The low overall height of this vehicle allows it to maneuver in and around urban environments with ease and dexterity."

The vehicle features an improved hydraulic extension system, tucked safely away toward the rear of the vehicle, which provides the lowest possible mounting height over the cab without notching the roof. With or without waterways, the MetroStik comfortably fits under 11-foot doors and overpasses.

The ladder's compact hydraulic and cable extension system provides crew members with an extremely powerful yet smooth operating aerial ladder. Thermal spray coating (THSP) with zinc particles on all load transfer areas further reduces surface friction, and increases operating smoothness without requiring additional lubrication. A simple multi-axis control handle for each outrigger simplifies and reduces set-up time in emergency situations.

Dual side-mounted waterways with a retractable monitor system are capable of delivering 1,000 gallons per minute (gpm) with unrestricted, 180 degree side-to-side sweep. MetroStik can be specified with the American LaFrance midship single or two-stage pumps.

The unit's rear-mount configuration allows for full use of the ladder's reach while wider and unobstructed walkways help increase personnel safety and ease of traversing the ladderway. Unobstructed use of the aerial is possible off the rear or sides of the vehicle. With a horizontal reach of 91 or 95 feet, the monitor can be pinned either at the fly or at the outer-mid-section for rescue operations. Elevation capabilities range from -7 degrees to +80 degrees.

All-steel construction and K-bracing make this one of the strongest aerials in its class. The aerial load rating is 500 pounds above 45 degrees and 250 pounds above 30 degrees with full water tower rating. The tip load rating is 250 pounds-dry, below 30 degrees.

Huck bolts on the tubular torque box and easily-accessible maintenance areas on all ladder slide pads and turn table bearing mounting bolts make it one of the easiest to maintain.

MetroStik is available on the American LaFrance Eagle, Metropolitan and Business Class chassis models in both 4 x 2 and 6 x 4 configurations. The new low-height MetroStik 104-foot aerial, with a travel height of 10-foot 8-inches, is featured on the American LaFrance Eagle Low Profile chassis. The model C14R ladders come in 100- and 104-foot lengths. The 104-foot model includes dual waterways.

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