Daimler Trucks North America Senior Executive Outlines Five Key Steps to a Winning Game for 2010 at TMC SuperTech 2009

Portland, OR - In a keynote address, entitled Driving from the Red Zone to the End Zone, and presented at the Technical & Maintenance Council Fall Meeting and National Skills Competition - TMC SuperTech 2009, Jack Conlan, senior vice president of parts and service for Daimler Trucks North America, outlined five key steps to developing and maintaining a winning game plan for 2010.

According to Conlan, maintenance managers will face not only the challenges posed by a recovering economy, but some key imperatives that will become more evident with the introduction of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for 2010, possibly the final step toward near-zero levels of emissions control.

Using a football analogy, Conlan outlined five "plays" managers could use to drive from the "red zone" to the "end zone" in 2010 and beyond.

"2010 will be the time to execute proven plays at the line of scrimmage - it won't be a time of improvising, last minute audibles, or Hail Mary's," said Conlan. "By developing and maintaining renewed levels of discipline, experience, preparation, partnership and transparency, 2010 will simply become the time to drive the ball into the emissions 'end zone,' safely and profitably for your companies, your teams and the entire industry."

Conlan's five game winning principles for 2010 were:

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