Detroit Diesel Corporation Launches New Engine to Support Australian Trucking Market in 2008

DETROIT, Michigan – Detroit Diesel Corporation today announced that it will offer a new Series 60® heavy-duty diesel engine to the Australian market in order to meet the country’s emissions certification standards – ADR 80.1 – which take effect January 1, 2008.

In order to meet the heavier loads, higher vehicle speeds and higher ambient temperatures as a result of hauling freight across Australia, the company has placed a significant amount of effort in its design and testing for this unique and demanding environment, which for the first time, will include extensive in-country testing that is already underway. The standard displacement on the engine will be 14-liters. Initially, the engine will be available with 500 hp and 1,850 lb-ft.-torque with additional ratings to follow.

“We’re excited to be able to bring the most technologically advanced engine to the Australian market,” said Carsten Reinhardt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Detroit Diesel Corporation. “We have designed and tested this new engine for the parameters of this particular market so we are confident it will satisfy our Australian customers. We recognize that we have a very loyal following for our engines in Australia, so we wanted to make sure that we brought a completely brand new engine to this market. Detroit Diesel’s Series 60 engine has always been the benchmark for fuel economy and I am pleased to say we intend to maintain this position.

Some of the features of the new engine include:

Addition of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

The addition of EGR will dramatically reduce NOx formation by routing a measured amount of exhaust flow to the cylinders to lower combustion temperatures. Because coolant is the system’s lifeblood, Detroit Diesel has enhanced the water pump for greater output to meet the additional demands of the environment in Australia, as well as changed to a partial-flow stream inside the EGR cooler. Detroit Diesel has been using EGR since 2000 and has put nearly 200,000 EGR engines into service worldwide. DDC is recognized as the world-leader in the design and use of EGR systems for heavy-duty diesel engines.

Detroit Diesel’s next generation electronic control system (DDEC VI) –

The Series 60 set the benchmark as the first fully electronic heavy-duty diesel engine to be used in Australia. Now Detroit Diesel raises the bar with the sixth generation DDEC VI management system. The system employs a more powerful microprocessor, increased memory and enhanced diagnostics. DDEC VI is capable of monitoring and managing all engine functions. DDEC VI is a key part of the strategy to achieve greater operating efficiency, cleaner exhaust emissions and leverages all of its best features from past generations of the system.

New Turbocharger Technology

Engine performance starts with low-end throttle response. The new Series 60 uses an electronic variable geometry turbocharger that automatically – and precisely – adjusts its boost across the operating range, delivering quick lift on the low-end, where turbo lag would otherwise occur.

New Fuel Injection System

The new fuel system, which adds to the performance and cleanliness of the engine, includes dual solenoid Electronic Unit Injectors that provide exact fuel metering and enable independent injection pressure control. Additionally, the system features a redesigned harness for more robust performance and greater accessibility, as well as new technology that enhances performance and reduces emissions.

ADR 80.1 is governed by the Australian Transport Advisory Council (ATAC), which is comprised of federal and state transport ministers who meet twice a year to agree to adopt certain emissions and safety standards.

Detroit Diesel Corporation is a leading manufacturer of on-highway heavy-duty diesel engines for the commercial truck market. The company offers a complete line of engines from 170 to 515 horsepower for the on-highway and vocational markets. Through its corporate headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Diesel is engaged in the design, manufacture, sale and service of these products, in addition to supporting alternative and hybrid engine strategies for the commercial truck marketplace. Detroit Diesel is a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler and part of the Freightliner group of companies.

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