Detroit Diesel Offers ‘The Real Deal’ When it Comes to Parts and Service

DETROIT, Michigan – Detroit Diesel Corporation is committed to helping customers understand the significant difference between genuine and non-genuine parts. So much so, that the company recently launched an extensive campaign centered on making sure fleet managers and owner/operators “get the real deal” when it comes to factory-certified parts.

“There is a tremendous difference between rebuilt and remanufactured,” said Jim Morrow, President of Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing Corporation. “Remanufacturing begins with only the best quality cores. After the core is completely disassembled, the subsystems and components are cleaned, tested, repaired or replaced. Afterwards, each component is remanufactured to current blueprint specifications and tested again to make certain they can carry the Detroit Diesel reliabilt® Genuine Parts Warranty.”

For more than 40 years, Detroit Diesel has been providing remanufactured engines and components to the North American market. According to Morrow, the most significant reason to turn to remanufacturing products is the high-level of quality.

“While some companies are satisfied with simply rebuilding engines and parts, we take it to the next level with an extensive reliabilt® remanufacturing process,” emphasized Morrow.

Whether you purchase an entire remanufactured engine or a set of six injectors, Detroit Diesel backs them with the most comprehensive warranties in the business. For instance, all reliabilt® parts are covered by a one-year, unlimited mile warranty. reliabilt® Series 60 engines are covered by a standard one-year/100,000 mile coast-to-coast warranty, with many extended service coverage options available.

Detroit Diesel recently launched a new campaign called “The Real Deal” that focuses on training service network personnel about the better value and higher reliability that their customers will get when they select only genuine Detroit Diesel parts, components and engines.

“The other benefit that comes with reliabilt® products is an unmatched service network,” said Morrow. “With more than 800 authorized Detroit Diesel service locations in North America, expert service is virtually right around any corner, so before you buy anything other than non-genuine, think about Detroit Diesel reliabilt® products.”

Detroit Diesel Corporation is a leading manufacturer of on-highway heavy- duty diesel engines for the commercial truck market. The company offers a complete line of engines from 170 to 515 horsepower for the on-highway and vocational markets. Through its corporate headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Diesel is engaged in the design, manufacture, sale and service of these products, in addition to supporting alternative and hybrid engine strategies for the commercial truck marketplace. Detroit Diesel is a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler and part of the Freightliner group of companies.

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