Detroit Diesel Re-Engages the North American Bus and Coach Industry for 2010 and Beyond

REDFORD, MICH. – Detroit Diesel Corporation (Detroit Diesel) announced its re-entry into the North American bus and coach engine business. Based on the success of its new platform of heavy-duty clean diesel engines, and the integration of its industry leading selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology for 2010, Detroit Diesel will resume its commitment to pursue the dominant position it held in the industry for more than 50 years.

“MCI is pleased to hear about Detroit Diesel’s re-engagement and future support of our industry,” said Terry Loewen, Powertrain Systems Manager, Motor Coach Industries. “Detroit Diesel had been an important supplier to MCI for many years, and we look forward to the return of their leadership, technological advances and commitment to this market for decades to come.”

Detroit Diesel’s engines and its North American distributor network have provided industry performance benchmarks for bus and coach engines and product support since the 1950s. Over the years, there have been several Detroit Diesel engine platforms that have suited the industry well. The introduction of the DD15™ engine in 2007, the DD13™ engine in 2009 and the soon to be introduced DD16™ engine have been proven to deliver the qualities that bus and coach customers look for today. Fuel economy, durability, reliability, and leadership in state-of-the-art emissions control technology for 2010 are areas of distinction that Detroit Diesel® engines will offer the industry now and into the future.

Leading bus and coach companies, like Greyhound, have a strategic focus on environmental issues and will appreciate the proven operation of the Detroit Diesel DD15 and DD13 engines and performance benefits such as outstanding fuel economy and truly clean emissions. “We have worked with Detroit Diesel for many years and welcome their re-engagement in our industry,” said Dave Leach, President and CEO of Greyhound.

Detroit Diesel’s SCR technology will incorporate the enhanced performance of the new heavy duty engines with the already proven ACRS™ fuel system and integrated engine-compression brake. The company’s SCR emissions control system, includes a unique packaging design that is optimized with low back-pressure and all-new DPF materials, and will utilize diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to enable delivery of both low emissions and higher fuel economy.

2010 buses and coaches equipped with Detroit Diesel’s SCR technology offer up to 5 percent greater fuel efficiency over similar EPA 2007 technology, while reducing CO2 and nearly eliminating nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter emissions at the tailpipe. By allowing the performance of the engine to be optimized, BlueTec® emission technology meets customers’ need for responsiveness and reliability as well as fuel economy and emissions control.

Detroit Diesel chose SCR as the primary technology to meet the EPA 2010 emissions regulations because it has proven to be the only effective means to reduce NOx emissions to near-zero levels and the only proven technology for meeting the EPA 2010 standards as measured “at the tailpipe.” By capitalizing on the unique leadership position of Daimler Trucks, both worldwide and within North America, Detroit Diesel, with its SCR emissions technology, is demonstrating its own leadership through engines and systems for buses and coaches as well as heavy duty trucks that are economical, proven, and simple for customers to use.

Detroit Diesel’s platform of engines for the bus and coach industry will be manufactured at its Redford, Michigan operation and will be supported by the company’s network of 275 North American distributor locations.

Detroit Diesel Corporation is a leading manufacturer of on-highway heavy-duty diesel engines for the commercial truck market. Headquartered in Redford, Mich., Detroit Diesel is engaged in the design, manufacture, sale and service of these products, in addition to supporting alternative and hybrid engine strategies for the commercial truck marketplace. Detroit Diesel is a Daimler company, the world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer.

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