Evolution of Efficiency Tour Demonstrates Significant Fuel Savings with Cascadia Evolution

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – May 30, 2012 – Freightliner Trucks today announced the results of its Evolution of Efficiency Tour. The tour – a cross-country, side-by-side comparison of an EPA 2010-compliant Freightliner Cascadia® and the new 2014 Cascadia Evolution – revealed that the Cascadia Evolution delivers up to 7 percent in fuel savings over a similarly spec’d EPA 2010 Cascadia.

Powered only by a newly designed Detroit™ DD15® engine, the Cascadia Evolution features some of the most advanced aerodynamic enhancements in the industry.

“The Evolution of Efficiency Tour provided us with the unique opportunity to gauge the fuel efficiency of our newest truck – the Cascadia Evolution – against the Cascadia, our most fuel efficient product to date,” said TJ Reed, director of product marketing for Freightliner Trucks. “This tour put our latest technologies and innovations to the test in real-world circumstances, and validates our continuous achievements in fuel economy over the past several years.”

Continued Reed: “From the EPA 2010 baseline, the Cascadia had already demonstrated an up to 2 percent fuel economy improvement with the addition of next-generation chassis fairings and side extenders for model year 2013. When you combine those efficiencies with the 5 percent improvement demonstrated by the Cascadia Evolution, our customers will realize substantial operating savings at a time when they need it the most.”

Evolution of Efficiency Tour: The Details

The tour launched on Thursday, May 17, 2012, from San Diego and ended May 23 in Gastonia, N.C. The 2,400 mile route crossed the United States, traveling through a variety of terrains, averaging between 250 and 425 miles per day.

To ensure consistent and standard test parameters, both trucks were set at a 62 mph cruise speed and carried 76,000-lb GCW. At the end of each day, fuel consumption was calculated by Automotive Testing and Development Services (ATDS), an independent, third-party auditor using high-accuracy fuel flow meters. To further ensure consistency, drivers and trailers were swapped between tractors at the mid-point each day and the vehicles were fueled at the end of each day using a fuel tanker carrying a consistent blend of fuel.

“It was imperative that we followed very precise testing procedures to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the test,” said Al Pearson, chief engineer, Product Validation Engineering for Daimler Trucks North America. “In comparing the vehicles, we followed a standard fuel economy test procedure as close as possible given the unique nature of this drive. Very few fuel economy tests encompass these kinds of mileages and terrain so we went to great lengths to ensure that the vehicles were operated as similarly as possible and in accordance with standardized test procedures.”

The two Freightliner Cascadia trucks used on The Evolution of Efficiency Tour were:

• An EPA 2010- compliant Cascadia 125-inch tractor with a 72-inch raised roof and first-generation aerodynamic package, equipped with a Detroit DD15 engine; featuring a 225-inch wheelbase, Eaton UltraShift Plus and Detroit tandem rear axles.

• A production model 2014 Cascadia Evolution 125-inch tractor with a 72-inch raised roof and Evolution aerodynamic package, equipped with a newly designed Detroit DD15 engine; featuring a 225-inch wheel base, Eaton UltraShift Plus and Detroit tandem rear axles.

Evolution of Efficiency Tour: The Results

“The Evolution of Efficiency Tour confirmed what we anticipated: with its new aerodynamic features and updated Detroit DD15 engine, the Cascadia Evolution improved on the 2010 model’s already impressive performance by up to 7 percent,” said Pearson.

The final measured results published by ATDS report a 7.01 percent benefit in fuel consumption of the Cascadia Evolution relative to a similarly spec’d EPA 2010-compliant Cascadia.

“We are excited not only about what the Cascadia Evolution achieved, but what it means for our customers,” said Reed. “Freightliner Trucks is synonymous with efficiency, performance and achieving real cost-savings results.”

For more information, go to www.FreightlinerTrucks.com.

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