EzyRider Seat Introduced for Western Star Trucks

Proprietary Air Suspension Seat Engineered for Maximum Comfort, Support

A new era of comfort has arrived in Western Star trucks with the introduction of the EzyRider air suspension seat. Designed for maximum comfort, support, adjustability and performance, the proprietary seat will be the published standard in all Western Star Constellation sleeper model trucks.

The product of a two-year research and development project at Western Star's parent company -- Freightliner LLC -- the EzyRider air suspension seat strikes the perfect balance between plush comfort and healthy ergonomic support. Taller and wider than standard offerings, EzyRider is designed to support drivers of all shapes and sizes. The pneumatically-controlled EzyRider seat is extremely adjustable, allowing each driver to configure his or her preferred seat height, tilt and proximity to the steering wheel. Height and lumbar support are adjusted using "intuitive" controls, which match the shape and motion of the controls with the shape and motion of the seat itself. Lumbar support is manipulated with a single switch, which inflates or deflates dual pneumatic bags in the lower part of the backrest.

Key to EzyRider's overall performance is its innovative suspension. A parallel arm design -- superior to the traditional scissors design -- eliminates sliding parts, delivering an optimized ride. The suspension also has a wide base, which

provides better lateral stability and prevents side-to-side rocking of the seat. The total number of parts in the suspension is reduced, diminishing the rattling and squeaking associated with inferior seats.

For team drivers, the EzyRider seat features a useful visual memory function, which identifies each fore/aft and backrest seat position by a number printed on the controls. To return the seat to the desired configuration, the driver need only adjust the seat to the numbers, which mark his or her preferred seat position.

"Key to the EzyRider seat project was listening to what drivers had to say and incorporating their needs into the seat design," said John Merrifield, Senior Vice President, Sales Marketing, Western Star Trucks. "We believe Western Star truck drivers will be very happy with the added features and enhanced comfort of this new truck seat."

The attractively-styled EzyRider seat comes in a wide array of colors and patterns and with cloth or vinyl coverings to match Western Star interior trim packages. It is available immediately and will be on display at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, in March 2001.

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