Freightliner LLC To Introduce Sales Program for Detroit Diesel Engine Buyers

Freightliner LLC soon will unveil an exciting, new sales program targeted at Detroit Diesel heavy-duty engine purchasers who no longer will have access to Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines due to actions by Freightliner's competitors. Freightliner LLC will offer these truck customers a comprehensive incentive package for purchasing new Freightliner, Sterling or Western Star trucks equipped with Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines.

Due to the acquisition of Detroit Diesel Corporation by DaimlerChrysler, Freightliner LLC's parent company, Freightliner's competitors in the North American heavy-duty truck market have or soon will stop offering Detroit Diesel engines in their trucks. As a result, a number of North American customers who prefer Detroit Diesel power no longer will have that option in the trucks they have traditionally purchased. Freightliner Trucks, Sterling and Western Star will continue to offer a full line of engines for their customers. In addition, for those customers who value the quality and performance of Detroit Diesel engines, the Freightliner LLC companies will help these high performance-minded buyers make the transition to new Freightliner-, Sterling- and Western Star-brand trucks.

"Our upcoming sales program will offer tremendous benefits and exciting incentives to Detroit Diesel engine buyers currently running competitor trucks," said James L. Hebe, Freightliner LLC President and CEO. "We intend to show these Detroit Diesel customers the advantages of doing business with North America's leading heavy-duty truck manufacturer."

Hebe did not disclose the details of the program, but said it would contain a comprehensive package of benefits that only Freightliner LLC and its DaimlerChrysler affiliates in North America can deliver. The program will be announced within three weeks.

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