Freightliner Models Selected for EPA’s SmartWay Program

New Spec Packages Make it Easy for Operators to Take Advantage of Fuel Efficiency, Emissions Benefits

PORTLAND, ORE. – Freightliner Trucks today announced that two of its 2008 models – the Columbia® and the Century Class® S/T – have been selected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as fuel saving vehicles worthy of its new SmartWay designation. In conjunction with this announcement, Freightliner is also rolling out two new spec packages that allow operators to take advantage of the fuel and emissions savings as laid out by the SmartWay program.

By establishing specific guidelines for fuel economy improvements and emissions reductions, SmartWay aims to reduce carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, and particulate matter emissions. Trucks that earn the SmartWay designation can be 10 to 20 percent more fuel efficient and up to 90 percent cleaner than comparable models.

“We continue to utilize resources – like our industry-first Class 8 wind tunnel – that allow us to make design and aerodynamic improvements,” said Timothy Blubaugh, director of government technical affairs for Freightliner LLC. “This research, along with our participation in programs like SmartWay, is why Freightliner is the right choice for fleet owners and operators who need an efficient business solution.”

In order to be designated SmartWay eligible, tractors must feature an aerodynamic design, a 2007 engine, a sleeper, side fairings, and low-rolling resistance tires. Also, customers must spec their vehicles with auxiliary power units (APUs) or other idle-reduction technology. Customers with SmartWay eligible vehicles that meet idle reduction requirements can display a SmartWay badge on their vehicles.

To make it as easy as possible for operators to take advantage of the fuel and cost savings offered by these trucks, Freightliner has developed spec packages that include this required equipment. The SmartWay Century Class S/T and Columbia 120 both come with a Bergstrom NITE or an Idle Solutions APU as options for meeting the idle reduction requirements. They also come with a 70-inch Raised Roof SleeperCab.

“These trucks aren’t just compliant with EPA ’07 emissions standards. They’re recognized by the EPA to be the cleanest and most fuel efficient trucks on the road,” said Blubaugh. “By assembling these spec packages, we’re making it easy to participate in the SmartWay program.”

For more information about the SmartWay program, visit For more information about Freightliner SmartWay spec packages, log on to or call 800-FTL-HELP to locate the dealer nearest you.

Freightliner Trucks is a division of Freightliner LLC, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and is the leading heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America. Freightliner LLC produces and markets Class 3-8 trucks and is a part of DaimlerChrysler’s Truck Group, the world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer.

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