Freightliner Trucks Extends "Slice of Life" Program

Slice of Life participants to receive new Cascadia trucks equipped with Detroit Diesel

BlueTec emissions technology

PORTLAND, Ore. - With almost one year down and hundreds of thousands of

miles logged, the Freightliner Trucks "Slice of Life" drivers have put

their Detroit Diesel DD15(tm) equipped 2009 Cascadia(tm) trucks to good


And because of the popularity of the Slice of Life program and the

positive response from the three participants - Dick McCorkle, Henry

Albert and Kurt Grote - Freightliner Trucks has extended the program so

they can continue to enjoy the Cascadia's enhanced aerodynamics and fuel

efficiency, with the new addition of Detroit Diesel's BlueTec(r) SCR

emissions technology.

"Given the positive response we've received so far, we decided to extend

the program and introduce the drivers to BlueTec emissions technology by

giving them three new Cascadia trucks to test drive with DD15's with

BlueTec technology," said Jamie Heck, owner operator product marketing

manager for Freightliner Trucks. "As Kurt, Henry and Dick continue to

cross North America, we will be eager to read their blogs and hear their

reports detailing their experiences and the performance of these new


On the Road

During the past year, each of the participants has encountered every

type of climate and terrain as they've traveled throughout North

America. While Albert, Grote and McCorkle each have different

experiences with their trucks thus far, all had the same impression

about the Cascadia's reliability and comfort, and the DD15's power and

fuel economy.

"When I'm driving coast to coast with the Cascadia and DD15 engine, it's

reassuring to know that I have something dependable under me and behind

me," said Grote. "I've had no problems with my truck or engine, and with

today's economy, reliability is more important than ever."

According to Albert, one of the benefits of participating in the Slice

of Life program has been the opportunity to speak with other drivers at

truck stops or via his blog - - about

implementing better business practices.

McCorkle shares a similar sentiment. "At the end of the day, this is a

business, and the Cascadia and DD15 are instrumental in achieving our

business goals. I love being able to share with other drivers what I've

learned, and prove that the Cascadia and DD15 are something special."

Each of the participants often invites other drivers to test out the

Cascadia for themselves, and they always enjoy the reactions they get.

"As soon as you close the door on the Cascadia, you realize it is

something different and special, and seeing that wow-factor time and

again with other drivers is a lot of fun," said Albert.

There have also been some adjustments and surprises along the way. For

example, Grote noted his experience with the Cascadia's cab was a little

different at first.

"I'm used to a much smaller truck, so I had to adjust to sleeping in

such a big space," said Grote. "The cab has everything an owner-operator

could possibly want. Freightliner has built a premier product."

And McCorkle, who had limited experience with both Freightliner and

Detroit Diesel products, wasn't sure what to expect when starting the

Slice of Life experience.

"What has really surprised me about the DD15 is its power coupled with

its fuel economy," said McCorkle. "And, the engine is so quiet. When

combined with the Cascadia's luxuriously quiet cab, the experience is


Added Albert, "I'm really enjoying everything about the Slice of Life

program - from bonding with Dick and Kurt, to meeting other drivers

along the way, to simply enjoying how well the truck rides. It's been a

great trip."

What's Next

In the second phase of the Slice of Life program, Albert, Grote and

McCorkle will each receive a new Cascadia equipped with BlueTec

SCR-equipped DD15 engines.

BlueTec - Daimler's widely acclaimed emissions technology - was selected

by Detroit Diesel in 2005 to meet the upcoming stringent EPA 2010

emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks. BlueTec represents the

world's latest innovation for clean diesel engine technology.

"With BlueTec emissions technology, Henry, Kurt and Dick will continue

to realize the outstanding fuel efficiency they've grown used to in the

comfort of their Cascadia trucks," said David Siler, director of

marketing for Detroit Diesel. "Just as they've been impressed with the

Slice of Life experience so far, we have no doubt that the DD15 with

BlueTec will exceed their expectations. In fact, with the BlueTec DD15,

our Slice of Life Drivers will enjoy the levels of fuel efficiency that

they experienced back in the days before EGR systems were used to meet

emissions regulations. That is a powerful benefit for drivers."

The Slice of Life drivers appeared at Expedite Expo in Wilmington, Ohio

(July 24-25) and have scheduled appearances at the Great American

Trucking Show in Dallas (Aug. 20-22) and the Mid-America Trucking Show

in Louisville, Ky. (March 25-27, 2010).

For more information about the program, upcoming appearances, podcasts

and blogs from the participants, to directly correspond with the

drivers, and a complete event schedule, go to

Freightliner Trucks is a division of Daimler Trucks North America LLC,

headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and is the leading heavy-duty truck

manufacturer in North America. Daimler Trucks North America produces and

markets Class 4-8 trucks and is a Daimler company, the world's leading

commercial vehicle manufacturer.

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