Freightliner Trucks Unveils Condor With Front Loader Refuse Body

Freightliner Trucks has introduced the Condor Class 8 low cab forward vehicle for front loader refuse applications. A Condor with a commercial front loader refuse body was displayed at the April 3-5 Waste Expo 2001 show in Chicago.

"With its superb visibility, maneuverability and operator comfort, the Condor presents the ideal solution for front loader and many other refuse collection applications," said Alex Bernasconi, Director, Business Class and Vocational Sales, Freightliner Trucks.

According to Bernasconi, the Condor provides a 238-degree field of vision through a vast, two-piece windshield and large side and rear windows, which incorporate over 43 square feet of glass. Optional rear window configurations can increase the amount of glass area to 47 square feet for a 273-degree field of vision.

"Refuse trucks, especially front loaders, often operate in narrow spaces and in close proximity to other vehicles and obstacles," Bernasconi said. "The Condor provides the driver with a panoramic view of the surrounding environment to help ensure safe operations."

The Condor also is highly maneuverable -- a feature that is extremely beneficial for front loader operators who must guide the truck into position to pick up refuse containers.

"With its low cab forward design, set-back front axle and up to a 46-degree wheel cut, the Condor is extremely nimble," Bernasconi said.

Condor operators also will appreciate the vehicle's spacious, comfortable interior. Designed to accommodate drivers from the 5th to 95th percentile in body size, the Condor provides abundant leg, head and elbow room. The interior also offers generous storage space behind the seats, as well as clipboard-sized molded door pockets and a center well between the front seats.

Further distinguishing the Condor interior is its flat floor. The steering column is mounted to the front bulkhead while the throttle, clutch and brake pedals are suspended, leaving a completely flat, obstruction-free floor with safer access to the pedals and plenty of foot room.

The Condor was designed to provide excellent ergonomics. The vehicle features a low cab height for easy entry and egress from the cab. With a maximum 18-inch step-in height, two-step entry and oversized grab handles, the driver can move quickly and safely in and out of the cab.

Other Condor benefits, according to Bernasconi, include the vehicle's outstanding durability -- provided by a corrosion-resistant aluminum cab and rugged construction -- and its tough core componentry, including engines to 380 hp and the standard TufTrac suspension.

With its integrated chassis design and clean frame rails and back of cab, the Condor is an excellent platform for body installations. Besides front loaders, the Condor also easily accommodates rear loaders, side loaders, automated residential loaders and roll-off containers. It can also handle front snowplow mounts to allow the truck to pull double-duty in wintry weather.

Bernasconi said the Condor is available with multiple steering configurations including: left-hand steer, right-hand steer, dual steer, and left-hand steer with stand-up right-hand drive.

"The Condor is an extremely versatile vehicle capable of excelling in numerous refuse truck applications," Bernasconi said. "We expect the Condor to become the vehicle of choice for front loaders, rear loaders, side loaders and many other refuse truck operators."

With the Freightliner Condor, the Freightliner Business Class and other products, Freightliner Trucks offers a full line of vehicles for a variety of refuse and recycling vehicle applications.

Freightliner-brand trucks are supported by the Freightliner Trucks network of North American dealers, many with 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week service hours; the Freightliner Customer Assistance Center, a 24-hour-a-day, in-house call center and ServicePoint locations at TravelCenters of America locations.

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