Freightliner Update on Brake Recall (FL276)

In November 2000, Freightliner LLC issued a recall on approximately 133,000 of its medium-duty and heavy-duty Business Class trucks built with air brakes since May 1991. No school buses are involved, nor trucks with hydraulic brakes. The brake pedal push rod which activates the service brakes may bend and later fracture, resulting in a loss of braking. The brake pedal push rod is being replaced with one of a larger diameter. Vehicles with dual steering controls, and those in construction, refuse, fire and emergency applications are especially at risk.

Less than 20% of affected vehicles have been repaired. Therefore, Freightliner is in the process of re-notifying affected customers by first class mail to emphasize the urgency of having the repair completed and to ask a small number of customers of dual steer vehicles only to return for an inspection for a part that may be out of tolerance.

Specifically, the following actions should be taken immediately:

Parts are now available. Representatives at Freightliner's toll-free Customer Assistance Center (800) FTL-HELP are available around the clock to answer questions about the recall and to assist in locating the nearest dealer.

See the Inspection Procedure.

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