Mercedes-Benz Manual Transmissions Now Available on Sterling Acterra Trucks

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WILLOUGHBY, OHIO...Mercedes-Benz manual transmissions are now available for order on Sterling Acterra Class 5-8 trucks.

The six-speed Mercedes-Benz manual transmissions feature hydraulically-actuated clutch systems and are offered in two versions -- the direct-drive MBT520 for trucks up to 40,000 pounds gross combination weight and the over-drive MBT660 for trucks up to 60,000 pounds GCW. The transmissions are available for the Class 5-8 Sterling Acterra models working in beverage hauling, towing, pick-up and delivery, utility service, construction and other applications.

"Mercedes-Benz manual transmissions give our Acterra customers a new option for enhancing equipment productivity and reducing vehicle operating costs," said John Merrifield, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Sterling Truck Corporation. "These smooth-shifting transmissions will be appreciated by drivers and fleet managers alike."

The MBT520 is a direct-drive transmission with an overall gear ratio of 9.20, for engines that produce peak torque up to 520 pound-feet. The MBT660 is an overdrive transmission for engines up to 660 pound-feet peak torque, with an overall gear ratio of 9.18.

Easy Shifting, Fuel Efficient Performance

The Mercedes-Benz MBT520 and the MBT660 are fully synchronized and offer low shift effort through all gears by using double cone synchronizers up to 4th gear. The transmissions feature an intuitive 6-speed gear pattern with precision gating and a self-centering feature. Precisely-machined helical gears with more gear contact also contribute to smooth and quiet operation.

The unique design of the MBT transmissions reduces internal power loss so engine power is transmitted efficiently to the rear axle. This results in better fuel economy both on-highway and in the city.

MBT transmissions also incorporate the latest manufacturing and materials technologies - including a lightweight aluminum alloy housing and heat-treated gears and shafts - for long life and lightweight performance.

In addition, both Mercedes-Benz manual transmissions feature a standard SAE 6-bolt PTO port on their right side for easy installation of a power take-off device. The port is mounted at the 5 o'clock position.

The MBT520 and MBT660 are compatible with medium-duty diesel engines built by Mercedes-Benz, Caterpillar and Cummins and carry a two-year warranty.

Sterling Truck Corporation, based in Willoughby, Ohio, produces heavy- and medium-duty custom trucks for regional hauling and diverse vocational applications such as construction, refuse hauling, utility work, government services and other applications. Sterling is a subsidiary of Freightliner LLC, a DaimlerChrysler Company. DaimlerChrysler is the world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer.

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