New Detroit Transmission Completes Detroit Integrated Powertrain

Detroit automated transmission enhances vehicle performance, efficiency

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – March 22, 2012 – Daimler Trucks North America today introduced the Detroit™ Transmission– the next component in the complete Detroit powertrain. Detroit is now the only OEM that can offer a complete powertrain package, which also includes Detroit axles and Detroit’s industry-leading heavy-duty engines.

Detroit’s integrated powertrain is part of Daimler Trucks’ Global Excellence Strategy to have uniform production standards and processes worldwide, resulting in the most efficient, highest quality and lowest cost of ownership products in the industry.

“The Detroit integrated powertrain provides what no other manufacturer in North America can provide – a total product offering paired with the engineering expertise and global resources available only through a company like Daimler,” said Andreas Renschler, head of Daimler Trucks and member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG. “Through our total vehicle integration approach, we are providing our customers with world-class technology that will result in the most powerful and fuel-efficient vehicles on the road today.”

The development of Detroit’s powertrain products has been an international effort, with resources being drawn from all of Daimler’s global capabilities. Daimler’s transmission technology has been extensively tested and proven in series production in select European markets since 2005.

“Automated transmissions represent the next generation of technology that will increase efficiency and enhance performance,” said Martin Daum, chief executive officer for Daimler Trucks North America. “When packaged with all of the Detroit powertrain products, customers have the best resources in the world to enhance their bottom lines.”

Powering Performance

The 12-speed, direct- or over-drive automated transmission combines a traditional clutch-actuated manual gearbox with high-speed, computer-controlled shift and clutch actuators, which automatically and seamlessly selects the right shift pattern for fuel economy and engine power.

The direct drive transmission will be the best technical solution to maximize fuel efficiency for line-haul/long haul operations. It combines improved slow speed maneuvering capabilities with high road speed efficiency. Features such as active driveline protection, which anticipates torque windup; and torque limiting, also enhance reliability and driver comfort.

The Detroit transmission employs advanced fuel efficiency technologies including skip shifting, enabling drivers to run through lower gears faster to achieve cruising speed sooner; and EcoRoll, which helps the vehicle coast more efficiently. The transmission’s lightweight aluminum design results in up to a 300 lbs weight savings (vs. cast iron designs), benefitting fuel economy or increasing bulk payload.

“The Detroit transmission combines the operational ease of an automatic with the efficiency of a manual transmission,” said David Hames, general manager of marketing and strategy for Daimler Trucks North America. “This equals a reliable package that appeals to a broad spectrum of drivers.”

Detroit Transmission: Driver Advantage

Equipped with driver-friendly features such as a true two-pedal system for ease of operation; helical gears that reduce noise; a control module that communicates with the entire powertrain; and a kick-down feature that improves vehicle acceleration, the Detroit automated transmission is an ideal solution for drivers at all skill levels.

“The industry is changing, and with that we are seeing less drivers with 20, 30 and 40 years of experience,” said Hames. “The automated transmission is not only easier to drive, but because it is so intuitive, it requires less training for new drivers and enhances overall safety.”

Additional features of the Detroit transmission include:

“We have developed a sophisticated tool that improves driver and powertrain communication,” said Hames. “We are committed to providing the best products that help our customers get the job done.”

Unmatched Detroit Service

Easy serviceability, routine maintenance intervals and a comprehensive warranty program further extend the value of the Detroit transmission.

The Detroit Customer Service network provides immediate access to maintenance information, and with hundreds of authorized locations in the United States and Canada, factory-trained technicians are always available.

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