Richard Carrier Trucking Tackles the Toughest of Jobs

DD15-equipped Western Star trucks haul extreme loads throughout the northeastern United States and Canada

REDFORD, Mich. Richard Carrier Trucking takes on some of the toughest jobs in the logging industry. Founded 35 years ago, the Skowhegan, Maine-based company hauls mulch, lumber, logs and sawmill by-products such as sawdust and bark wood chips throughout the mountainous northeastern United States and Canada.

In addition to its hauling business, the 80-person company has plants in Maine, New Hampshire and Canada that produce and distribute wood chips, lumber and pallets.

"Our loads are extremely heavy — up to 130,000 pounds — and we tackle rugged terrain on a regular basis, so having a powerful engine and dependable truck is mandatory for us to be able to get the job done," said Jimmy Carrier, owner, Richard Carrier Trucking.

That's why Richard Carrier Trucking® urchased its first Western Star 4900 EX in 1992. Since putting that truck to the test, the company's three fleets in Canada and the U.S. have grown to include approximately 150 Western Star trucks.

"When we made the decision to buy our first Western Star truck, it was because we had heard a lot of good things about the brand, such as its durability, and that was one of our top requirements," said Carrier. "But, durability is just one of the many characteristics we love about Western Star."

Carrier noted that despite the extreme loads they haul, the Western Star trucks feel light and are easy to drive. With its over-sized, steel-welded cabs and extended hoods, Richard Carrier's drivers also like the stylish features on their trucks.

"Western Star looks like a real machine — it is a mean-looking truck as it goes down the road," said Carrier. "Yet, the inside is comfortable and quiet — making it the perfect combination for our team."

The trucks include spec's specially designed for logging, such as tridem-drive rear axles, custom tow hitches, pintel hook mounting braces, supersized radiators and heavy-duty suspensions. The company has also enhanced the safety of its Western Star fleet by adding additional mirrors and headboards.

"Visibility is very important to our drivers when they are deep in the woods at a sawmill or chipping plant, and they really need to know what's going on around them at all times," said Carrier. "The team at Western Star makes it easy to customize."

And that fleet continues to grow. Recently, Richard Carrier Trucking added 25 new Detroit Diesel DD15™-equipped Western Star trucks to its convoy.

"I am a Detroit Diesel fanatic, so when the opportunity came to add DD15's to our Western Stars, I jumped at the chance," said Carrier. "And, just like our trucks, these engines have not let us down."

What has impressed Carrier the most is the DD15's fuel economy and power.

The DD15 can launch a Western Star truck producing up to 90 percent peak torque in 1.5 seconds because of its amplified common rail fuel system (ACRS(™)), turbocharger and dual overhead cams.

The DD15 delivers the fuel economy Carrier needs with it innovative turbo compounding system. Because of the heavy loads and rugged terrain that Carrier handles every day, it employs the engine's turbo compounding system and turns wasted exhaust gas into usable power, delivering deliver up to 5 percent better fuel economy (than a Series 60® engine).

"When we are hauling the biggest of loads, we like that we can climb the mountains at a normal speed. If you don't have power, your truck will die," said Carrier. "We know we can depend on the DD15 — and Western Star — to deliver."

For more information, and to find a local dealer, visit or call 866-850-STAR (7827).

Western Star Trucks Sales, Inc., headquartered in Redford, Mich., produces heavy-duty custom trucks for long-haul and vocational applications. Western Star is a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America. Daimler Trucks North America LLC produces and markets Class 4-8 vehicles and is a Daimler company, the world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer.

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