Riding the School Bus is as Safe as Ever

Third Annual Essay Contest Gives Kids Chance to Thank Outstanding Drivers

You buckle your child into her government-approved car seat in your sturdy, reliable vehicle with the high government crash test rating and side curtain airbags. You drive to school, alert and attentive, obeying all the laws of the road while carrying your precious cargo. You may think the back seat of your own car is the safest mode of transportation for your school-bound child. Think again.

“America’s school bus drivers are collectively doing an outstanding job of safely transporting our children to and from school every day,” says John O’Leary, president and CEO of Thomas Built Buses, the leading manufacturer of school buses in the United States. To recognize the contributions individual drivers make to children’s safety every year, Thomas Built sponsors an annual Children’s Choice School Bus Driver of the Year essay contest.

With their parents’ help, children in kindergarten through sixth grades can nominate their favorite drivers by submitting a 90-word essay on what makes their driver so special. Now in its third year, the contest runs until August 1, 2008. Winners earn a $1,000 educational savings bond and laptop computer for the nominating child and a $1,000 Visa gift card for the nominated driver. All winners and runners up also receive Thomas Built Buses jackets and Saf-T-Liner C2 school bus lunch boxes. To enter the contest, visit www.thomasbus.com/contest for complete rules and an entry form.

Completed forms and typed or legibly printed 90-word essays should be mailed to: Children’s Choice Essay Contest, HMH, 1435 W. Morehead St., Suite 140, Charlotte, NC 28208.

School buses are the safest and largest mass transportation system in the United States, according to research by the School Bus Information Council (SBIC). Consider the following eye-opening facts about school bus safety:

Modern school buses are outfitted with extensive safety devices but one of the most important contributors to your child’s safety is the bus driver,” O’Leary says.

To nominate your driver for ‘School Bus Driver’ of the year, visit www.thomasbus.com/contest for complete rules and an entry form.

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