Robin Crawford Wood Co. Uses “Crawfordized” Western Stars for Maine and Cross-Border Logging

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REDFORD, MICH. – May 18, 2009 – With its northern Maine logging facility located in the deep heart of the New England forests, the Crawford Wood Co. requires logging equipment that can navigate the difficult dirt road-to-pavement terrain while hauling extreme payloads.

Operating 40 customized Western Star® 4900 FA trucks, the company relies on its trucks to haul hundreds of thousands of pounds of wood over-the-road per year between Maine and Canada.

“When I bought my first Western Star, it wasn’t long before I noticed that it held up better than any of the other trucks I’d previously owned,” said Robin Crawford, owner of Robin Crawford Wood Co. “Most important, they didn’t get bogged down in the woods, which is vital to the success of our business.”

The company, in business since 1968, purchased its first Western Star in 1984, when Daigle and Houghton, its long-time trusted dealer in Fort Kent, Maine, began offering the vehicles. Today, the 40 Western Star trucks Crawford employs make up approximately 80 percent of his fleet.

“We have 27 Western Star tractors, three low beds and 10 dump trucks that we use. Each truck is utilized for a specific purpose so we can efficiently complete a multitude of jobs.”

The Western Star trucks are required to perform a range of tasks that include hauling logs and wood chips on conventional roads and highways, to dumping dirt while beating a path through dense forest. This dirt path, called the “Golden Road” by drivers, stretches 100 miles from northern Maine to Quebec. Because the “Golden Road” is not subject to the 100,000-pound weight limit on the road, the company routinely pushes its trucks to carry extreme loads of 200,000-plus pounds.

To ensure that its trucks have enough power to handle the job, Crawford has historically equipped his Western Star trucks with either Detroit Diesel or CAT engines, but will be going exclusively with the Detroit Diesel 515 hp DD15 engines in the future.

“There aren’t many smooth spots on ‘The Golden Road,’” Crawford said. “The Western Stars we drive up to Canada handle that road and their loads with relative ease because they’re heavy trucks with a lot of horsepower.”

In addition to versatility and ruggedness, the Crawford Wood Co. also requires each of its Western Star trucks to look as professional as possible. Receiving a special treatment at Daigle and Houghton they call “Crawfordizing”, all stacks, visors and special “moose bumpers” are outfitted in polished chrome, and sport aluminum wheels as well as a complete lighting package that includes special fog lights, bright lights and mirror lights. And the final touch is a large, illuminated letter “C” - for Crawford - in the middle of the truck’s grille.

Additional features of the truck include Jake brakes, as well as luxury interior components such as leather seats and door panels.

“We like to have nice looking trucks, so we definitely wanted to add the chrome finish,” Crawford said. “The Western Star trucks are the best you can buy, and our finishing touches help to get our company’s name out and add some fun for the drivers.”

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