Sterling Enhances Electrical System for A-Line and L-Line Trucks and Tractors

Standard System Designed for Flexibility and Reliability

Sterling Truck Corporation has enhanced the electrical system for the Sterling A-Line of heavy-duty highway tractors and Sterling L-Line of heavy-duty vocational trucks. The new system makes it easier to customize a Sterling truck's wiring and add electrical functions.

"Our engineers have reconfigured the wiring harness so that adding circuits for specific applications is a simple proposition," said Sterling Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Merrifield. "We've redesigned the electrical system so we can easily integrate the individual requirements of our customers"

The system is standard on Sterling's A-Line and L-Line models.

The new design allows more flexibility in making electrical connections between the chassis and the body. Now, there are at least six standard locations for body manufacturers to use when making power connections to the chassis - twice as many as before - including access points under the hood, inside the cab and behind it.

The new electrical system also provides a vast number of optional locations for body manufacturers to interface with the chassis. "We'll make room for electrical connections where the customer wants them, which makes things easier for our customers as well as their bodybuilders," Merrifield said.

The new electrical system is optimized for durability and features robust, weatherproof heavy-duty wiring connectors which are sealed from the elements to safeguard system reliability. On the firewall, a pair of positive locking bulkhead connectors are installed for wiring to pass through the firewall to the cab interior. There are fewer holes in the firewall, which simplifies the layout and improves cab resistance to corrosion, wind noise and water leaks.

The system features two primary circuit protection fixtures, including an under-the-hood power distribution box that puts all the circuit breakers and primary circuits in one convenient location. The box is easy to reach and protected from the weather, and with no wiring harness bundles to deal with, system troubleshooting is simpler. Additional circuit protection devices are located behind a fuse panel in the dashboard in front of the passenger seat. Easy to see and reach, it makes fuse replacements a snap.

In addition, all wiring is coded by number and color -- for easy system diagnosis -- and all circuits are hard-wire grounded for reliability.

"At Sterling, we're a custom builder of premium trucks," Merrifield said. "This redesigned electrical system is one more way in which we respond to our customers' needs."

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