The Freightliner Group Announces Success In Implementation of Roll Advisor & Control System for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

*Commercial Vehicle Safety Technology Alerts the Driver to a Potential Rollover and/or Automatically Slows the Truck to Reduce the Risk of an Accident

*Almost 11,000 Systems Installed Over Past Two Years

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA…The Freightliner Group today said the company has experienced significant demand for its Roll Advisor & Control safety technology in heavy-duty vehicles. The company has installed almost 11,000 systems since beginning production approximately two years ago. Developed in cooperation with Meritor-WABCO, the system alerts the driver to a potential rollover and/or automatically slows the truck to reduce the risk of an accident. The Freightliner Group provided perspective on customer acceptance of the Roll Advisor & Control technology at an event to announce new capabilities at the company’s Test Engineering operation here.

“The Freightliner Group is committed to exploring and developing technologies that have the potential to enhance heavy-duty truck safety,” said Michael von Mayenburg, Freightliner Group Senior Vice President of Engineering & Technology. “We are pleased that so many customers have adopted Roll Advisor & Control, which is a highly useful and cost-effective system, and we expect acceptance to continue to grow.”

Integrated with the truck’s anti-lock braking system, Roll Advisor & Control alerts the driver to a potential rollover and/or automatically slows the truck to reduce the risk of an accident.

According to the Department of Transportation, rollover crashes can account for about one-half of the annual heavy-duty truck driver fatalities.

Roll Advisor & Control is designed to alleviate truck rollover by teaching drivers to recognize risky vehicle maneuvers or to reduce the forces pushing the truck toward rollover.

The system has two integrated components: Roll Stability Advisor and Roll Stability Control. Both utilize sensors integrated into the truck’s anti-lock brake system. By tracking the truck’s lateral acceleration and wheel speed, the system detects the potential for rollover.

Roll Stability Advisor is a training aid designed to advise the driver that he or she has operated the vehicle in near rollover conditions. Warnings are communicated via the Driver Message Center, an easy-to-read display located in the dash, directly in front of the driver.

The Roll Stability Control function takes rollover avoidance to the next level by automatically slowing the vehicle.

When sensor data indicate that a rollover is imminent, Roll Stability Control sends a signal to reduce engine power, apply the engine brake and/or apply the tractor rear service brake. This slows the truck and reduces the forces pushing the vehicle toward rollover. The trailer brakes will also be momentarily applied to assure that the combination remains stable and is slowed as rapidly as physically possible while remaining stable. When the vehicle becomes stable, power is restored and the engine brake is turned off.

The system may also be installed with just the Roll Stability Control function. It is available on certain heavy-duty vehicles manufactured by Freightliner Group brands.

“In keeping with DaimlerChrysler’s vision of accident-free driving, Roll Advisor & Control is an active safety technology designed to prevent accidents from happening in the first place,” von Mayenburg said. “This system is another example of Freightliner’s long-standing commitment to pioneer the implementation of technologies that have the potential to enhance heavy-duty truck safety.”

The Freightliner Group is the largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America and a leading producer of medium-duty and specialized commercial vehicles. The Freightliner Group produces and markets Class 3-8 vehicles under the Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star, American LaFrance, and Thomas Built Buses nameplates. The Freightliner Group is a unit of DaimlerChrysler, the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer.

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