The Gryttr’s Welcome Baby Al to their Freightliner Family

DD15-equipped Freightliner Cascadia impressive on the road and off

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PORTLAND, ORE. – June XX, 2009 –Leif and Jenny Gryttr have seen it all. Since launching their career in the early 1970s, these long-time Freightliner and Detroit Diesel customers have criss-crossed the United States more times than they can count. Based out of Hayward, Wisc., the Gryttr’s haul military equipment and other freight.

It was while they were on the road that they spotted artist Rick Kelley’s dramatic painting, “Coming Home,” which depicts a bald eagle flying over snow-capped mountains. So moved, in fact, that they bought the rights to the image and added it to both sides of the cab of their newest truck – a Detroit Diesel DD15™ equipped-Freightliner Cascadia, otherwise known as “Baby Al.”

“We saw the painting and loved everything about it – from the eagle, to the mountains, to the imbedded images of the United Stated and the American flag,” said Jenny Gryttr. “People often stop right in their tracks when they see Baby Al – the response is amazing.”

But it’s not just the outside of the cab that’s impressive. The Gryttr’s have created a home away from home in their Cascadia. The plush interior features a kitchen sink, shower, 32-inch TV, and plenty of room for a computer, printer and paperwork.

“We have 12 grandkids, and they never want to leave this truck,” said Mrs. Gryttr. “The cab and the sleeper are so bright and roomy, they like to pile in and enjoy.”

Mrs. Gryttr also noted that she appreciates some of the Cascadia’s other features, such as its extra long visors, an extended windshield and big mirrors that enhance visibility, and tight-closing cab doors that decrease noise.

In fact, the Cascadia was specifically designed to reduce noise. The truck’s cab and sleeper are well-insulated, and everything inside, from the flooring to the firewall, is covered with additional sound-proofing materials.

And, notes Mrs. Gryttr, it’s not just the extra soundproofing that makes “Baby Al” so quiet.

“The DD15 is the smoothest engine we’ve ever had. While other engines we’ve had rattle, this one just purrs,” said Mrs. Gryttr. “The DD15 really took us by surprise.”

What makes the DD15 different is its Amplified Common Rail Fuel System (ACRS™). When combined with the stiff engine block that reduces noise vibration and harshness, the DD15 is the quietest ride on the road.

Another attribute of the DD15 that the Gryttr’s have been pleased with is its power.

“We’ve been Detroit Diesel customers for a long time, and unlike our old Series 60, this engine pulls like a banshee,” said Mrs. Gryttr. “Even if it’s really windy, or we’re hauling a very heavy load, we feel the engine’s impressive power.”

What gives Baby Al that extra boost is the ACRS working with the simple and efficient turbo charger. The turbo charger is a non-VGT model that provides the power the Gryttr’s need in just 1.5 seconds. DD15’s also delivers up to 5 percent better economy than the Gryttr’s previous Series 60® engine thanks to turbo compounding technology. Only available in the DD15, turbo compounding turns wasted exhaust into load pulling power providing incredible fuel economy under all conditions.

“What’s not to love about Baby Al?” said Mrs. Gryttr. “It’s quiet, it’s comfortable, it’s efficient, and most important, it gets the job done.”

Download images associated with this press release

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