Unimog Kicks Off “Unimog 2U” Summer Tour

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PORTLAND, OREGON…Unimog North America today begins the “Unimog 2U” Summer Tour 2004. Following the recently concluded “Unimog 2U” Winter Tour, the summer tour will showcase the one-of-a-kind Unimog U500 vocational vehicle to customers across the United States and Canada. The tour’s opening stop is Duluth, Minn.

“One of the Unimog’s greatest advantages is its seasonal interchangeability,” said Bob McTernan, Director of Unimog North America, part of the Freightliner Group. “The recent Unimog 2U Winter Tour was extremely successful in introducing a wide range of customers to the Unimog’s incredible capabilities, especially for winter-related jobs like snow removal. During our summer tour, we will cover warmer weather applications like mowing, brush cutting, suction sweeping, road grading and wild land firefighting, and of course, we will continue to highlight the year-round versatility of this unique vehicle.”

The Unimog U500 is a Class 6&7, year-round work vehicle capable of performing a range of commercial truck tasks. Built as an implement carrier, the Unimog U500 vehicle easily accommodates a wide assortment of equipment for a variety of seasonal work duty applications. Equipment commonly interchanged with the vehicle includes tree trimmers, backhoes, cranes, snow plows, salt spreaders, suction sweepers, front-mounted brooms, road graders and hydraulics and tools, as well as specialized mower/brush cutting and firefighting equipment.

In service around the world, Freightliner LLC is now marketing the Unimog in North America under the “Unimog” nameplate. The Unimog is available in two GVWs – 26,000 and 33,000 pounds – and is powered by the Mercedes-Benz MBE900 electronic six-cylinder diesel engine, available with a 260-horsepower rating. The Mercedes-Benz eight-speed transmission comes standard with clutchless EAS transmission. For heavier applications, two optional, 8-speed deep reduction gear groups are available.

The Unimog 2U Summer Tour will visit over 25 North American locations –from Orlando to Toronto to Los Angeles. Participating dealerships will hold open houses, customer meetings or on-the-job demonstrations to demonstrate the Unimog’s capabilities and seasonal interchangeability.

“The Unimog 2U Summer Tour presents a great opportunity for customers to see first-hand the Unimog’s extraordinary work potential,” said McTernan. “We’re certain they will be highly impressed by the benefits from both an operational and financial perspective.”

Potential customers interested in attending a Unimog 2U tour stop should call (877) 701-3000 or visit unimogtrucks.com for more information.

Unimog North America is a business unit of Freightliner LLC, headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Freightliner LLC is the leading heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America. Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star, American LaFrance, and Thomas Built Buses nameplates and is a company of DaimlerChrysler, the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer.

Unimog 2U Summer Tour Schedule

(Some dates are subject to changes. Visit unimogtrucks.com for up to the minute scheduling details.)

Boyer Trucks Inc.

Duluth, MN    

June 21-22

Holcomb Freightliner

Sioux City, IA

June 24-25

Kansas City Freightliner

Springfield, MO

June 28-29

Omaha Truck Center

Omaha, NE    

July 7-8

Cedar Valley Freightliner

Waterloo, IA

July 12-13

Freightliner Mid-Ontario Inc.

Toronto, Ontario

July 22-23

Currie Truck Centre

Barrie, Ontario

July 27-28

Tracey Road Equipment

Syracuse, NY

Aug. 4-5

L&B Freightliner

Westminster, VT

Aug. 9-10

Freightliner of Harrisburg

Harrisburg, PA

Aug. 12-13

Campbell Freightliner

Edison, NJ

Aug. 16-17

Tar Heel Sterling

Charlotte, NC

Aug. 19-20

Orlando Freightliner

Apopka, FL    

Aug. 27-30

Jacksonville Freightliner

Jacksonville, FL

Sept. 1-2

Tom Nehl Truck Company

Montgomery, AL

Sept. 7-8

Houston Freightliner

Houston, TX

Sept. 13-14

Freightliner San Antonio

San Antonio, TX

Sept. 16-17

Albuquerque Freightliner

Albuquerque, NM

Sept. 22-23

Freightliner of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

Sept. 27-29

Billings Truck Center

Billings, MT    

Sept. 30-Oct. 1

Freightliner Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Oct. 4-5

James Western Star

Kamloops, BC

Oct. 11-12

Freedom Freightliner

Spokane, WA

Oct. 14-15

Portland Freightliner

Portland, OR

Oct. 18-19

Los Angeles Freightliner

Fontana, CA

Oct. 28-29

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