Western Star® is the Winning Brand for Arkansas Logger of the Year

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For Dale Proctor, there’s only one brand of truck that is a sure winner every time – Western Star.

Proctor, who was recently named “Arkansas Logger of the Year” by the Arkansas Forestry Association, is a dedicated Western Star customer who credits the brand with his success.

Proctor, along with his wife Christie, is the owner of Dale Proctor Logging in Hector, Ark., which provides wood to leading linerboard manufacturer Green Bay Packaging’s Arkansas Kraft Division. He is no stranger to success, having also been named Green Bay Packaging’s Logger of the Year in 2005.

“It is a true honor to have received recognition from both Green Bay and the Arkansas Forestry Association,” said Proctor. “Without my Western Star® trucks, it would be impossible to get our jobs done.”

Getting the job done means that one of the company’s two crews starts their day at 5 a.m., when they head into the woods. Then, they spend more than nine hours cutting, skidding, piling and hauling wood before delivering it to Green Bay Packaging.

“It’s very labor intensive,” said Proctor. “We need rugged trucks that can withstand not only the intense rigors of logging, but can navigate all of the off-road elements we deal with in the woods, such as deep mud. With all that we’ve put them through, we’ve never had any engine or transmission issues.

Proctor continued, “Our Western Star trucks go where no other trucks can go.”

Proctor, who owns six Western Star 4900 EX trucks, also cites the vehicles’ ground clearance, full-locking differentials and large cabs with steel floors and reinforcements as his favorite features.

“The cabs have more leg room than any other truck,” said Proctor. “My crews find the big cabs very comfortable during their long days.”

In addition to comfortable cabs, Proctor does something else to enhance his crews’ Western Star experience. He works closely with his Western Star dealer to specially customize each of his trucks.

“Western Star is already a great truck to drive, but I wanted to give my drivers that little something extra, something personalized,” explained Proctor.

The exteriors of Proctor’s trucks are painted in an eye-catching cherry red, bright yellow, or black featuring hot yellow flames shooting from either side of the cab. Each of the doors prominently features Proctor’s logo. To complete the look, all of the trucks are decked out with chrome detailing and bright bulbs.

In fact, Proctor’s trucks are so distinctive the dealership plans on displaying a special show truck he has ordered at the In-Woods Expo 2007 Pride & Polish, in Hot Springs, Ark. This will make number seven in his fleet. The In-Woods Expo brings more than 3,000 loggers, foresters, landowners, teachers and spectators together to learn about the forestry and logging industries. As with his other trucks, Proctor is working closely with his Western Star dealer to get every detail spec’d just right.

And for this award-winning logger, as his business grows, so will his stable of Western Star Trucks.

“My dealer knows just what I want for my trucks,” said Proctor. “He is always there spec’ing them out the way I need and want them. That’s why Western Star is the winning truck for me.”

Western Star Trucks, headquartered in Redford, Mich., produces heavy-duty custom trucks for long-haul and vocational applications. Western Star is a company of Freightliner LLC. Freightliner LLC is a unit of DaimlerChrysler, the world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer.

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