Western Star Ready to Roll on Michelin Wide-Base Tire for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Economy Improvements

Western Star Trucks today announced production availability of the X-One, an innovative wide-base tire for on-highway, heavy-duty trucks. Initiated by Western Star's parent company -- Freightliner LLC -- and developed by Michelin, the X-One takes the place of conventional dual truck tires and offers weight savings, improved fuel economy and long tread life.

The new 445/50R22.5 X-One XDA tire is exclusively available on Western Star, Sterling and Freightliner-brand Class 8 trucks.

In traditional on-highway truck applications, the rear drive axles have two tires per side. The X-One replaces the dual tire configuration with a single tire that has a larger contact surface with the road. Instead of the usual eight tires for its tandem drive axles, a truck tractor only needs four X-One tires.

The X-One with the dimensions 445/50R22.5 has the same rolling radius as a onventional 275/80R22.5 tire, along with the same inflation pressure of 100 PSI. X-One comes on a 22.5x14.00 Accuride wheel. Available in steel or aluminum,

the wheel has a standard 10-bolt hub piloted design.

Production of Western Star trucks with Michelin X-One XDA drive axle tires begins immediately. Michelin also offers the 445/50R22.5 X-One XTA tire for trailer tandem axles.

The weight savings is approximately 115 pounds per wheel end (460 pounds per tandem) when compared to conventional duals on steel wheels or 102 pounds per wheel end (408 pounds per tandem) when compared to conventional duals on aluminum wheels. This means either a 920-or 816-pound weight reduction for a tractor-trailer combination.

Along with reducing weight, X-One also cuts fuel consumption. Utilizing fuel efficient compounds and with two flexing sidewalls replacing a dual tire configuration's four, the Michelin X-One offers lower rolling resistance and better fuel economy.

Extensive road tests have shown up to 2.5% fuel savings with X-Ones on the tractor only and up to 5% fuel savings for truck/trailer combinations equipped with X-Ones. To determine performance, X-One tires were compared to Michelin's most fuel-efficient dual tires.

The X-One achieves its weight savings and fuel economy gains without relinquishing performance or safety. The tire's wider footprint improves handling and responsiveness

while providing a smooth ride and safe operation.

"The X-One will help deliver significant operating cost reductions and performance advantages exclusively to Western Star customers," said John Merrifield, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Western Star Trucks.

X-One tires will be supported by a comprehensive nationwide service/replacement plan through Michelin commercial dealers and Western Star dealers across North America.

Western Star Trucks will display a Constellation model with X-One tires at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, in March 2001.

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