Western Star® Trucks Introduces EPA ’07 Chassis, Product Enhancements at Mid-America Trucking Show

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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY…Western Star® Trucks is unveiling today its EPA 2007 chassis and latest product enhancements at the 2006 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Ky. Western Star’s EPA 2007 chassis leads the introductions, featuring improvements in cooling capacity and maneuverability.

“We are excited to introduce our EPA 2007 chassis at MATS, as well as updates like new factory-installed accessories and revamped hood designs,” said Matt Stevenson, Manager of Product Strategy for Western Star Trucks. “Visitors to the Western Star booth (#3300) will have the chance to see several of the newest options available on Western Star trucks.”

EPA 2007 Chassis

Western Star debuts its EPA 2007 chassis by featuring a 4900 EX with a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine and 82-inch Stratosphere™ sleeper. The chassis’ design changes – including updated cooling packages and new exhaust systems – will be made to all Western Star truck models to meet the new emissions requirements that take effect January 1, 2007.

As a result of the changes in standards, Western Star’s radiator packages have increased in size. In order to accommodate the larger radiators, Western Star added a drop front frame casting for the axle configurations on all models to allow for increased cooling capacity without having to make exterior modifications to the traditional Western Star hood and grille. Raised radiator configurations with integral front frame extensions and a front engine power takeoff are also available for vocational applications.

Changes made to accommodate increased radiator sizes have also enabled improvements for front suspensions. A 56-inch asymmetric spring provides improved roll stiffness and better handling in turns due to a shortened front length while maintaining the soft ride characteristics from the longer rear length. Plus, new steering gears and optimized geometry improve road feel, overall wheel cut, and turning radius. Western Star will also add the AF-18.0-5 18,000-pound steer axle to the family of axle offerings in combination with the EPA 2007 suspension updates.

Aftertreatment systems, a new EPA 2007 requirement, offer both horizontal and vertical frame mounting with vertical tailpipes. Western Star’s aftertreatment system packaging allows for easy periodic filter maintenance while providing for vocationally-friendly exhaust packaging.

Lightweight Western Star

Also displayed in the booth is one of the most lightweight Western Star tractors ever produced. Using options currently available through Western Star, this lightweight

4900 SA comes in under 14,999 pounds tare weight and is ideal for bulk hauling applications. Outfitted with several lightweight components, including a 48-inch high roof sleeper, MBE 4000 engine, aluminum front and rear disc wheels, an Airliner front suspension, and aluminum crossmembers, this Western Star is spec’d out for weight-sensitive applications.

Factory-Installed Accessories

Popular “glamour” accessories for all Western Star trucks are now available as factory-installed options. Chromed fender guards, vertical grille deflectors, trim headlights, bumper light bars, chrome and burl elm shift knobs, and roof trim panels are just a few of the new items available through Western Star dealers.

4900 SA with 123-inch BBC Butterfly Hood

Western Star has developed a new option to increase the ease of engine accessibility for heavy-duty applications. The 4900 SA with 123-inch BBC is now available with a butterfly hood, which was developed with hinged, removable side panels that fold up like butterfly wings for easy engine access without having to tilt the hood forward.

This hood is ideal for heavy-duty vocational applications like mining and oilfield. The butterfly hood is also appropriate for large front snow plows in which a forward-tilting hood could bump the plow attachment. The new 123-inch BBC butterfly hood for the 4900 SA is currently available on new Western Star Trucks.

4900 FA with 123-inch BBC One-Piece Hood

The Western Star 4900 FA, the set-forward axle model ideal for premium on-highway and vocational applications, has been updated with an optional single-piece hood. Developed to eliminate split fenders with large diameter tires, the single-piece hood requires fewer parts and less maintenance. Plus, it offers the durability of the current heavy-duty hood without the added weight.

Satellite Radio Availability

SIRIUS and XM Satellite Radio are now available as factory-installed options on new Western Star trucks in 4900 FA, 4900 SA, and 4900 EX day cabs and the Stratosphere sleeper line. The available stereo models are the Monsoon AM/FM/WB CD with eight channel amp and the Delphi AM/FM/WB Radio with CD.

Auxiliary Power Unit for Sleeper HVAC

Idle Solutions and Rigmaster auxiliary power generator sets are now available as factory-installed options on new Western Star trucks spec’d with sleepers. The auxiliary power units (APUs) are quiet, self contained generator sets that provide for sleeper heat and air-conditioning without requiring the truck to idle. APUs are a cost-effective way to conform with legislation that prohibits truck idling in metropolitan areas, while providing sleeper comfort. APUs also feature 120V outlets for appliance use.

Western Star Show Trucks

Visitors to booth #3300 can get an up-close look at the following Western Star trucks:

• 4900 EX day cab with EPA 2007 DDC Series 60 engine

• 4900 SA with 48-inch high roof sleeper and MBE 4000 engine

• 4900 FA LowMax® day cab with MBE 4000 engine

• 4900 EX LowMax with 82-inch Stratosphere sleeper and Caterpillar C15 engine

• 4900 SA day cab with DDC Series 60 engine, twin steer front axles and tri-drive rear axles

• 4900 SA heavy haul tractor with 68-inch Stratosphere sleeper and Caterpillar C15 engine

One of the notable show trucks, the 4900 FA LowMax day cab, was introduced at last year’s MATS. Currently available, the LowMax day cab is almost a foot lower than standard configurations and offers a low center of gravity for improved road handling and a sleek look.

Also, Western Star owner-operators are making another strong showing this year at the Stars & Stripes Paul K. Young Memorial Truck Beauty Championships. With 16 contestants, Western Star drivers are competing for awards in several categories.

Western Star Trucks, headquartered in Redford, Mich., produces heavy-duty custom trucks for long-haul and vocational applications. Western Star is a company of Freightliner LLC. Freightliner LLC is a unit of DaimlerChrysler, the world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer.

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