Western Star Unveils Walk-Through Sleeper for Constellation Heavy-Duty Truck

New Option Provides Stand-Up Height Throughout the Cab and Sleeper

Western Star Trucks today introduced a new walk-through sleeper for the Constellation Class 8 highway tractor. A first ever for Western Star trucks, the option provides stand-up room throughout the cab and sleeper compartment. Available in 70-inch and 82-inch sizes and with a host of new features, the walk-through sleeper will be an available option on the Constellation 4964EX beginning in the fourth quarter of this year.

“Western Star highway trucks are known for their custom features and luxury appointments,” said John Merrifield, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Sterling Truck Corporation and Western Star Trucks. “This new walk-through sleeper option delivers a level of spaciousness and comfort never before seen in the Constellation.”

According to Merrifield, the new walk-through sleeper features 96 inches of stand-up room at the front of the bunk and at the back of the driver’s seat.

“The extra head clearance makes it much easier to move about the cab and sleeper and will increase the quality of life for the trucker,” Merrifield said. “The new sleeper also features a flat floor throughout the unit, so the trucker can move safely and without encumbrance.”

In developing the new walk-through sleeper, Western Star also added a number of consoles, cabinets and other options to increase on-road comfort and convenience.

“We didn’t just raise the roof with the new walk-through sleeper -- we loaded it with new features, more storage space, new bunks and other options,” Merrifield said.

Leading the list of features is a new overhead console. Attractively styled and extremely functional, the console offers additional storage space, as well as locations for the CB radio, speakers, reading lights, a clock, an outside air temperature read-out and other items.

In terms of new sleeper content, Western Star will offer a new raised double bunk option with the walk-through sleeper.

“The sleeper’s high roof allows for additional space between the two bunks and between the top bunk and the ceiling,” Merrifield said. “The result is more personal space for both the upper and lower bunk occupants. This is an ideal option for team drivers.”

The raised double bunks feature netted sleeper bunk restraints -- tent-style restraints on the lower bunk and blanket-style restraints on the upper bunk.

Customers also can specify Western’s Star dinette suite with the raised double bunks. The dinette suite option allows a driver to convert the lower bunk into a working/dining area with its own table. With the new raised double bunk option, the trucker can comfortably sit in the dinette suite with plenty of headroom under the upper bunk.

Also new with the walk-through sleeper is a new wide bunk option. At 48 inches, the bunk is 6 inches wider than Western Star’s previous widest bunk for an extra measure of luxury.

“We are pleased to deliver a selection of bunk arrangements to accommodate the wide range of personal preferences,” Merrifield said.

Thanks to the additional roof height, the walk-through sleeper features additional storage space throughout the cab and sleeper. There are new storage areas to the side and above the driver and passenger seats, a new rear upper storage cabinet to be used with the double bunk and enlarged cabinets in the sleeper.

“Whatever you’re stowing -- coats, clothes, bedding, towels, books, business records, maps, food -- this sleeper has room for it,” Merrifield said.

There’s also a new skylight window for natural lighting and to accent the sleeper’s soaring ceiling, as well as a new side vent window. Western Star engineers have also raised the rear window and added a new rear window in the roofcap available with the double bunk option.

As with all Western Star sleepers, the new walk-through sleeper can be specified with a wide variety of options including wood cabinets and drawer faces; sophisticated stereo and lighting packages and any number of storage and cabinet configurations. Customers can choose from three trim packages with a broad selection of interior upholstery fabrics, patterns and colors.

“Customers will be able to spec the new walk-through sleeper not only to meet their needs for comfort and convenience, but also to reflect their personal style,” Merrifield said.

The high style of the new walk-through sleeper extends outside the cab. The aerodynamic roof cap is set off by a new exterior stainless steel visor. Large LED marker lights accent the visor, while new mirror heads complement the sleek look.

“Inside and out, this is a gorgeous cab and sleeper,” Merrifield said. “This truck will be a great source of pride for its owner.”

He concluded, “The new walk-through sleeper is a superb new addition to the Constellation line and will further enhance Western Star’s reputation for superior design, remarkable quality and custom-building trucks that last.”

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