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Introducing the New 2018 Freightliner Cascadia

Through comprehensive collaboration between Daimler Trucks North America, Detroit and Freightliner, we are proud to announce the unveiling of the new 2018 Freightliner Cascadia. This means that the most popular, successful, value-retaining series of on-highway trucks on the road today has been elevated yet again.

Driving the future of on-highway trucking with unprecedented fuel efficiency, the new Cascadia advances a perpetual commitment to lowering the Real Cost of OwnershipSM (RCO) for every customer. The new Cascadia is the combined result of innovative, world-class engineering and design with the powerful and efficient Integrated DetroitPowertrain and advanced Detroitsafety and connectivity features.

Turning a profit in the trucking industry requires a keen focus on minimizing operational costs while maximizing client satisfaction. To achieve this goal for its customers, Freightliner engineers designed and built a scientifically formulated trucking platform with a laser focus on six core RCO areas: quality, fuel economy, uptime, connectivity, safety and driver experience.

With industry-leading quality, cutting-edge technology and micron-level engineering from DTNA, Freightliner and Detroit, the new Cascadia redefines trucking—down to a science. Read more about the new Cascadia at

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Exceptional People Enabling Creative Innovation

Remaining at the vanguard of safety, technology and quality means acquiring and retaining the best of the best. Fostering a leadership environment where professional growth is encouraged and innovation is celebrated, DTNA takes care of its own.

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