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CAReer — The Top Talent Program is an enterprise-wide graduate training program designed to recruit and train our next generation of company leaders. Through CAReer, trainees enhance their innate leadership qualities, tailoring them specifically for a career with us. Trainees gain a comprehensive view of how their work fits within our international organization while also building a strong and stable network of contacts across the company.

Comprehensive International Networking

To meet your goals and create the career of your dreams, you need an employer that invests in your opportunities as much as you’ve invested in your education. You need to know that the full scope of your potential is matched by visionary leadership.

We’re Thinking Long-Term from Day One. Are You?

The best possible preparation for a manager or specialist role at Daimler is exposure to a range of colleagues and departments. CAReer facilitates these interactions, building on intensive training courses with challenging assignments.

Career Dreams, Achieved Here

Daimler offers exciting opportunities for new students, recent graduates, experienced professionals and plenty of those in-between. Full-time positions and development programs with flexible scheduling are available. Your search begins here.

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Is this position temporary or an internship?

It's neither. This is a fulltime, entry-level position, salaried, with benefits from Day 1. It differs from other fulltime positions in that the first year is spent in project rotations. After the first year of rotations, the trainee re-joins his or her home department as a regular employee.

What kinds of projects will I do?

Typically, trainees participate in a home department project first, followed by a cross-functional assignment and a cross-unit assignment, not necessarily in that order. One of these assignments will take place abroad. The program is flexible to the needs of the department and the goals of the trainee, but the trainee is required to take on an international assignment. No two programs are alike; however, each trainee will participate in three training modules in addition to their rotations. See question ten for a description of training modules.

Who is eligible for the CAReer program?

To be considered, applicants must have a 3.3 or above cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale. For non-technical functions, an advanced degree such as an MBA is required. Applicants must have relevant and proven job or internship experience. Willingness to travel and work abroad on assignment is required. Travel may not be required for the full time position, but it will be during the first year of employment as a CAReer participant. International experience and/or foreign language skills are strongly preferred.

I don't graduate until next year, am I qualified for CAReer?

No, unfortunately we cannot hire anyone unless they will graduate at the end of the current term/semester. Additionally, applicants must have graduated from their applicable degree within the last 3 years in order to be qualified.

Do I have to pay for my housing and transportation when I am away on assignment?

No, the company pays for accommodation and transportation while you are on assignment away from your home department. This does not include the home department project.

Will the company pay for me to relocate when I start with my home department?

No. CAReer positions are not eligible for relocation assistance.

What should my resume include?

Your resume must include education history, GPA, relevant job/internship experience, any applicable international experience or foreign language skills, and leadership and/or extracurricular activities. Please make sure your GPA is on a 4.0 scale. If your school did not use this scale, please convert your GPA.

What is the recruiting process like?

CAReer positions are posted for 30 days. Applicants are collected, and qualified resumes are forwarded to the hiring manager. The most promising applicants are interviewed by phone. From these interviews, the top three candidates are invited to the CAReer Assessment Center, which is an all day interview process. At the end of this day, the trainee is chosen. The whole process takes about two months. Please factor this timeline into your job search plans.

Do I need a cover letter?

Cover letters are not required; however we do review cover letters and factor them in to our decision-making process. Cover letters are generally a good practice when applying for jobs and provide valuable insight into the qualities of an applicant. Please include any cover letter with your resume and upload them as one document. This will ensure your cover letter is reviewed.

What are training modules?

Training modules are workshops conducted in a group of approximately 50 trainees from across the organization. There are three training modules altogether, two in Germany and one at a Daimler location outside of Germany. The first module is two weeks long and provides a comprehensive introduction to Daimler. The second and third modules are a week long. Your training modules will be with the same group of 50 trainees each time, allowing you to network and make friends!

Can I reapply for other CAReer positions if I am not chosen?

Based on how the Assessment Centers are structured, applicants who were not chosen for a phone interview are no longer eligible for the program. If an applicant was interviewed by phone, but not chosen for the Assessment Center, he or she is still eligible.

How will assignments/rotations be chosen?

Rotations are decided based on the needs of the department in conjunction with the development goals of the trainee. Project rotations are intended to facilitate communication between departments throughout the organization as well as to promote the professional growth of the trainee. The trainee and his/her manager meet to agree on assignments that satisfy both of these criteria.