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We gathered people from across our organization to share a bit about what they do, how they're making a difference, and what they like to do outside of designing and building the future of commercial vehicle manufacturing. See who you can meet:

Carrie Preston

General Purchasing Agent

Carrie is responsible for buying engine and aftertreatment systems. A lot of her time is spent working on cross functional project teams to bring new engines into production and to continually update existing engine platforms to the latest emission regulations.

Q&A with Carrie

Ben Morris

Purchasing Manager for Electrical Components

Ben negotiates sourcing contracts and pricing with suppliers of electronic components to make sure that our trucks are built with the best value for our customers.

Q&A with Ben

Angie O'Dell

Cost Planning Analyst

Angie scours the globe to find the best suppliers and highest quality parts for our trucks at the most competitive price.

Q&A with Angie

Matt Guilfoyle

Project 2020 Manager

While our Super Truck engineers dream up the truck of tomorrow, Matt works strategically to take the innovations from concept to production reality.


Q&A with Matt

Raj Kumar

Manufacturing Development Engineer

When you’re an industry leader, the shop floor has no room for inefficiencies. Raj makes sure that manpower is optimized to keep our plants running smoothly.


Q&A with Raj

Matt Smedley

Business Development Program Manager

Matt works with dealers to improve the customer experience by introducing innovative ideas in shop floor management to the dealership environment.

Q&A with Matt