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Western Star is proud to partner with Shelley & the @WTFC7 to encourage women to pursue careers in trucking. Check out this cool video done by DriverCheck and find out what the WTFC is all about. #women #trucking #professionalgrowth #opportunity

More than just good looks, the #newCascadia's aerodynamic design decreases drag and improves fuel efficiency. Explore the differences in the new Cascadia's aero package options:

This month marked the 10th anniversary of North America Fuel Systems Remanufacturing, a joint venture between Demand Detroit Remanufacturing and @boschusa. This partnership has produced over one million high-quality remanufactured fuel parts for the aftermarket industry.

With #DD5 or #DD8 engine options, the @freightliner M2 106 is built for versatility both under the hood and out on the jobsite. Explore more about these mid-range engines:

The 5700's Twin Force dual air intakes feed a massive centrally located air filter, offering greater airflow with reduced service intervals. #uptime #efficiency

New school year, new innovations. @ThomasBuiltBus has announced that all new Saf-T-Liner C2 diesel and CNG school buses are now equipped with electronic stability control as a standard, factory-installed feature.

Product Validation on the #newCascadia wasn’t only done on the highway. We also put it through thousands of hours of lab testing to push it to its limits, ensuring the truck you drive meets our high quality standards.

Today, we’ve planted the Freightliner flag in Columbus, OH for the @isarboriculture Show. We’ll be here at booth 342 until Wednesday showing everyone how to #WorkSmart. Make sure to check out the many versatile #M2 trucks showcased by our partners, too.