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Engineering innovation: it’s a simple idea, but its execution is anything but. Realized in the perpetual pursuit of industry-leading quality—and augmented by the certainty that everything we do can always be improved—at Daimler Trucks North America, this dedication to engineering innovation is embedded into our DNA. It’s what drives us to impact the economy and the world.

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BLOG: Inside a Sustainable Supply Chain

By Tori Flanigan, Director, Supplier Management

Many companies claim to care about sustainable practices. At Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) our commitment goes beyond words and well into action. Just a few of the examples where we lead on sustainable practices: we work in a LEED Platinum headquarters and Zero Waste to Landfill plants, and we engineer the most fuel efficient trucks on the road. There are many more initiatives, including our supply chain practices where we minimize the environmental impact.

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Introducing the New 2018 Freightliner Cascadia


Through comprehensive collaboration between Daimler Trucks North America, Detroit and Freightliner, we are proud to announce the unveiling of the new 2018 Freightliner Cascadia.


Global Impact Originating from Portland, Oregon


Based in Portland, Oregon for more than seven decades, where it continually produces the bestselling brands and cross-continent trucks of choice, DTNA’s market-leading fleet is setting the bar for quality and innovation, worldwide.


The #newCascadia radiates efficiency.

On Saturday, May 6, the FCCC Employee Resource Group held a 5k run/walk to benefit veteran suicide awareness. We’d like to thank Cowpens National Battlefield for hosting the event, as well as our 80-plus employees that participated. We are very proud to be an organization so full of support for our veterans, devoted to bringing attention to the ver...

Do you know what regulations affect your trucking business? Find out from Freightliner Team Run Smart: #ForumFriday

If you haven't taken part in a #CampFreightliner class yourself, you're missing out! It's a great opportunity to learn more about your chassis, as well as build relationships with fellow RVers and FCOC members. Classes are offered at all upcoming FCOC rallies, but spots are limited! Find more information and/or sign up here:

Western Star Trucks is still running strong after #50Years of #LegendaryAwesomeness. Check out what's pushing them into the next 50:

Congrats to Courtnay Beckham of Selectrucks of Atlanta, LLC for being recognized by the National Minority Trucking Association! Proud to have such empowering women on the SelecTrucks team.

Always focused on the road ahead, the Detroit Assurance radar system tracks up to 40 objects at once.

The truck has changed, but getting the job done takes as much commitment as it did in the 60s. #TBT #75YearsOfInnovation