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Engineering innovation: it’s a simple idea, but its execution is anything but. Realized in the perpetual pursuit of industry-leading quality—and augmented by the certainty that everything we do can always be improved—at Daimler Trucks North America, this dedication to engineering innovation is embedded into our DNA. It’s what drives us to impact the economy and the world.

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Gorge Fire Cleanup: An Employee’s Passion for Sustainability and Volunteerism

by Annette Navarro, DaimlerCares Lead

Last autumn, fire raged in the Columbia River Gorge, burning the area for months. Known as the Eagle Creek Fire, nearly 50,000 acres of wilderness and hiking trails were scorched just outside of Portland, Oregon. With passion for the environment reaching all the way down to her steel-toed boots, Beate Hoelscher from DTNA’s CEO’s Office decided to take action. She used one of her two annual, paid volunteer days to help Trail Keepers of Oregon, a nonprofit organization providing cleanup initiatives in the wake of the fire.

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New Electric Vehicle Initiatives at DTNA

by Dr. Andreas Juretzka, e-Mobility Group Lead

Technology moves fast, and this new era of e-mobility is no exception, demanding massive investments in focused knowledge, support and infrastructure. At Daimler Trucks North America, we’ve always been comfortable out front, introducing innovative new trucking technology, as exemplified by two new electric Freightliner trucks: the eCascadia and eM2 106.

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New Automation and Safety Innovations at Daimler Trucks North America

by Derek Rotz, Director of Advanced Engineering

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has long been at the forefront of industry-leading innovations. Our legacy is defined by a track record of technological advancements, including Intelligent Powertrain Management – to save fuel on hilly terrain, Active Brake Assist – to apply full braking on stationary objects and Lane Departure Warning – to help drivers stay centered in their lanes. The quest to fulfill our mission to save fuel and lives drives our engineers to push the envelope every day.

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New school year, new innovations. @ThomasBuiltBus has announced that all new Saf-T-Liner C2 diesel and CNG school buses are now equipped with electronic stability control as a standard, factory-installed feature.

Product Validation on the #newCascadia wasn’t only done on the highway. We also put it through thousands of hours of lab testing to push it to its limits, ensuring the truck you drive meets our high quality standards.

Today, we’ve planted the Freightliner flag in Columbus, OH for the @isarboriculture Show. We’ll be here at booth 342 until Wednesday showing everyone how to #WorkSmart. Make sure to check out the many versatile #M2 trucks showcased by our partners, too.

In addition to holding the FUNdraiser in the Sun event and donating using the company's matching gifts program, employees volunteered at The Oregon Food Bank benefiting many of the over 200,000 hungry elementary school kids in Oregon. #DaimlerCares

DTNA employees in Portland raised over $35,000 in July for Summer Hunger Awareness Month, benefiting the @oregonfoodbank & @OurGivingTable. #DaimlerCares

Last autumn, fire raged in the Columbia River Gorge, scorching nearly 50,000 acres of wilderness & hiking trails. On our blog, Annette Navarro, DaimlerCares Lead, explains how one DTNA employee took action, providing cleanup initiatives after of the fire.

We're happy to announce that Charlotte, North Carolina is the latest recipient selected to receive the Freightliner Hardest Working Cities award, which honors cities fueling economic growth and job creation.

The toughest jobs demand the toughest engines. That's where the #DD15 and #DD16 come in.