The next best thing to owning a new truck is having a high-quality, late-model used truck. For individuals seeking a single truck or fleet managers in the market for large quantities of like-spec'd trucks, there's no better place to start than with SelecTrucks, Daimler Trucks Remarketing's (DTR) retail distribution network.

Charged with Daimler Trucks North America's used truck operations, DTR is the industry's leading remarketer of Freightliner-branded used trucks. DTR’s mission is to support and maintain Daimler Trucks North America’s new truck divisions brand value in the second-owner market, offering a vast selection of premium quality used trucks, sourced from many of North America's largest and best-maintained truckload fleets. SelecTrucks offers a wide selection of used trucks throughout its network of retail locations in the U.S. and Canada. SelecTrucks Centers deliver consistent, unparalleled value and support to both fleets and owner- operators by providing exclusive finance programs, selection from a nationwide inventory of used trucks and the industry's most comprehensive used truck warranty, Select Limited Warranty.

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